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Healthy Server Offsite Backup Preferred Partner

Healthy Workstation
Safe and effective backup for your PC's and Workstatons to the cloud

TapeandMedia.com has partnered with Carroll-Net and is offering Carroll Net's "Healthy Worksataion" Offsite Cloud Backup System.  With Healthy Workstation, your data gets backed up to the cloud (Caroll-Net's U.S. Based Datacenter). You can use Healthy Workstation on an computer, or server, that runs Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or Unix.  You pay only for the data you store online.

Only $9.95/month lets you you can backup 100GB ($0.10/GB over 100GB)

Interested in Healthy Healthy Workstation ?
Give Carroll-Net a Call: 888-432-1638

Healthy Server Pricing


Business Class Computer Backup.

Open Source Software based backup.

Multi-Platform Support - Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Unix,...

Free open source backup agent

No long term contract

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, cost effective backup -- you only pay for what you use.
  • Open source software embedded with Carroll-Net's powerful, patented block level backup.
  • Simple installer for rapid rollout to your entire enterprise
  • Includes automatic software updates to make sure you always have the latest backup technology.
  • Flexible scheduling to ensure automatic offsite backups.
  • Multiplatform software means one solution to backup your entire operation. A single solution for all your backup needs.
  • Customizable retention allows precise control of your cloud storage.
  • Upgrade at any time to Carroll-Net's fully managed Healthy Server services and receive a free onsite backup server.
  • Service backed by over 20 years of experience.


System Requirements for Healhy Workstation Backup

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Python 2.7.x (our Windows installer will install python for you)
  • Admin privileges recommended (but not required)
  • cygwin (on Windows)


Pre-Purchase Questions

1. How is Healthy Workstation different from Healthy Server?

While Healthy Server and Healthy Workstation both include Carroll-Net’s patented CncOp technology, there are several important differences between the services.

First of all, Healthy Server includes a free onsite backup server. This server can hold a complete backup of all the computers in the network and provides a rapid restore feature. Healthy Workstation is software only and does not include an onsite backup option.

Second, Healthy Server is a fully managed backup service. Carroll-Net engineers will take over backups for your network. If something interferes with the backups, an engineer will manually take over to make sure backups finish. Healthy Workstation is managed by each client.

And third, Healthy Server service will backup an unlimited number of servers and computers in your network for one low fee. Healthy Workstation is licensed per computer.

2. Can I use Healthy Workstation to backup a server?

Of course. You can install the software on any support device or platform. The word workstation is a term of art, meant to differentiate our services. It is not meant to imply a limit to only backup workstations.

Backup Questions

1. How will backups impact my computer performance?

Carroll-Net’s backups utilizes our patented, high performance engine technology. If you are using the system when backups start, you will notice a decrease in overall responsiveness. It will not prevent using the system but it will be noticeable.

The period of impact is only during the inventory of changes, which is the step where the system figures our what needs backup. Once this step is complete, the system should return to normal. In most installations, this should only be a few minutes.

We recommend clients schedule Healthy Workstation backups to take place outside of normal system use.

2. How much space on my computer will backups use?

The process of creating offsite backups involves creating a point in time snapshot of the data on your computer. This involves keeping a steady copy of the data, so that backups can be queued and sent offsite.

Healthy Workstation software will limit itself to never use more than 1/3rd of your available system free space.

3. What TCP/IP ports does your service use?

Carroll-Net backups are transmitted over TCP port 443 and will appear to your network as HTTPS traffic.

If your network is configured with a web proxy, you should exclude HTTPS traffic to the Carroll-Net datacenter from proxying.

4. Will Healthy Workstation run on Windows XP?

Yes it will. We want our clients to backup their data as necessary. If you have a need to keep a computer operational, even if it’s older, we’ll work with you to make sure its backed up.

Looking for Backup Solution for your Server?
Try Healthy Server!

  • Each customer receives a Free Onsite Backup Server
  • Automatic onsite AND offsite backups so you can recover your files from wherever you are.
  • Healthy Server is ready to backup your entire operation: Windows, Linux, Mac's, even Mainframes. A single solution for all your backup needs.
  • Only $99/month for up to 100GB ($0.20/GB over 100GB)
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Features and Benefits

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